A Message from the President

Welcome to the Harvard Business School Club of Houston! We are fortunate to have an active and engaged HBS alumni community that meets regularly for knowledge sharing, networking lifelong learning, and simply reliving the Harvard Business School experience here in Texas. Our Executive Luncheon Series meets monthly and features outstanding speakers from a range of backgrounds and industries. Our Breakfast Forum meets twice per month at the River Oaks Country Club and is a wonderful way to build deep and meaningful relationships with a diverse group of alumni. We also have several evening social events and weekend activities throughout the year. Being a member of the HBS Club of Houston gives you access to the Virtual Learning Series produced by professors at HBS and a wide range of other resources unique to the Houston area. We have several exciting events coming up this year that you won't want to miss. Please check them out on our events page. The club is here to serve our members, so please let us know how we’re doing and how your club can serve you better.

Take care,

Marc J. Sharpe (MBA ’98)
President, HBS Club of Houston

For additional information or assistance contact our club administrator, Michelle Martin, anytime at info@hbsclubhouston.com. Thank you!

Club Officers: Board of Directors:
Kush Mathur (MBA 2014) Eric Calderon (2013)
Vik Kalra (MBA 2008) Paula Ann Miller (OPM 42)
Jorge Roberts (MBA 2007) Ray Reza (MBA 1995)
Kapil Mathur (MBA 2007) Malcolm Waddell (MBA 1979)
Mike Dillon (MBA 2007) Steve Gilliland (MBA 1979)
Surachita Mishra (MBA 2005) Murray Air (MBA 1976)
Mia Mends (MBA 2003) Boyd Montgomery (1974)
Beth Rivera (MBA 1998) Dave Miller (MBA 1973)
Marc Sharpe (MBA 1998)
John O’Keefe (PMD 49)

Breakfast Club: Club Administration:
John Fossum (MBA '14)
Bill Le Sage (MBA 1977)
Michelle Martin
Kelly Huff